Somerville Song

Somerville Song, by Amy Kucharik
Written for Elizabeth Weinbloom for Ward 6 Alderman

Song written and performed by Amy Kucharik
Video directed and produced by Jonathan J. Carpenter

On Tuesday November 3rd, vote Elizabeth Weinbloom for Ward 6 Alderman, and tell the city that housing affordability is a crisis that cannot be ignored.

48% of Somerville residents pay more than 1/3 of their income for housing.  20% pay more than half of their income for housing.

Housing costs are only going to continue increasing as our city becomes more and more desirable.  Young tenants, artists, growing families, older folks on fixed incomes, students, and low-wage workers are just among the groups of people who are being pushed out of Somerville each year.  Somerville has the capacity to innovate and lead the way for other communities facing soaring rents, but we need to tell City Hall to make it a priority.

Elizabeth Weinbloom will push the city to make housing affordability the center of its agenda.

2/3 of Somerville residents rent their homes, but all but one of our elected officials are homeowners.  Elizabeth is the only tenant in a crowded race, as well as the only woman and the youngest candidate.

Visit our Affordable Housing page to learn more.

About the artists:
Amy is a song-writer and musician, living and working in Somerville, MA.  Hear more of her work on Facebook and visit her website to learn more.
Jonathan is a theater director, living in Somerville, MA.  Contact Jonathan on Facebook.


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