Elizabeth is endorsed by the Somerville Journal and the Somerville Times.  Her candidacy has also been featured in regional press, including the Boston Globe and Boston Magazine.

Somerville Journal: Similarly, the race for Ward 6 Alderman is between two qualified candidates. Lance Davis and Elizabeth Weinbloom are vying for Rebekah Gewirtz’ spot on the board when she steps down at the end of this year. Both have strong progressive backgrounds but Weinbloom’s push to represent the city’s renters is a perspective that would be very useful on the Board of Aldermen. We endorse Elizabeth Weinbloom for Ward 6.

Somerville Times: There is only one alderman ward seat open with two candidates competing, and that is in Ward 6. We endorse and hope the residents of Ward 6 agree that a different kind of candidate in Elizabeth Weinbloom should be considered for your vote. Although it is an uphill battle against her opponent, who is endorsed by the established politicians, we think she should be given consideration for your vote.  She works from home and can devote a lot of time to the issues of Ward 6 and the city as a whole. Vote for Elizabeth Weinbloom for Ward 6 Alderman.

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